A one-stop centre for
credit information and rating

We opened our doors to a bright and beautiful morning on 1 July 2008. As SME Credit Bureau, we’ve helped many SMEs get access to better financing. When the Credit Reporting Act 2010 was introduced, we became Credit Bureau Malaysia and expanded our market to include helping individuals.

Credit Bureau Malaysia collects and compiles credit information from various sources. We then process this data and disseminate it to financial institutions and other credit grantors upon request and with your consent. This report is a benchmark for credit worthiness; it indicates the likelihood of a company or individual repaying the money borrowed.
Instead, we’d rather spend our time and effort educating the rakyat about today’s increasingly complex credit industry, and empower them to make smarter financial decisions. In short, how to be more credit savvy in a credit-driven world.
Credit Bureau Malaysia is jointly owned by Sunway Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia.

CBM is a registered credit reporting agency, regulated by the Registrar of Credit Reporting Agencies.
For further information please visit: http://ppapk.treasury.gov.my

How We Can Assist You

Individuals with little or no credit history

We give you a credit score that you can bring to banks and financial institutions.
We’ll advise you on how to get started on building your credit score.

Individuals who are already familiar with credit facilities

We can help you build, maintain, and improve your credit history and credit score.
A good credit report gives you more financing options.

SMEs credit rating

We want to promote good payment behaviour and sound credit culture
so you’ll have easier access to borrowed funds.

Financial institutions / companies that supply credit facilities

We can help you build, maintain, and improve your credit history and credit score.
A good credit report gives you more financing options and more competitive rates.

Our Values


We're committed towards the provision of comprehensive, reliable and credible information to our members and customers.


We're passionate when it comes to financial inclusion. No information is out of reach, when it comes to giving our members and customers any financial advice they need.


It is our utmost duty to spread the culture of being credit positive to anyone in the country through our products and services. It is our commitment to ensure that every Malaysian is a credit positive Malaysian.

Products & Services

Credit Bureau Malaysia provides customers with a wide range of products and services to meet their every financial need. We provide Self-Enquiry Reports (Individuals & Companies), Latest Registry Information and Self Credit Monitoring as part of our services to customers.

When customers subscribe to become a Credit Bureau Malaysia Subscriber, they are entitled to a variety of innovative products that are customised to meet their specific financial needs. Please refer below for the range of products and services we offer to Credit Bureau Malaysia subscribers and the public respectively.
  • Individual Credit Report (ICR)
  • Credit Risk Report (CRR)
  • Business Information Report (BIR)
  • Business Review Report (BRR)
  • Individual Business Report (IBR)
  • Credit Monitoring Service (CMS)
  • Business Analytics
  • Rating Validation Services
  • MySCoRE (individuals)
  • MyBizSCoRE (company)