Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) Participates in Global Money Week 2023

global money week 2023
global money week 2023

Putrajaya, March 20, 2023Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) recently participated in the Global Money Week 2023 (GMW2023) held in Putrajaya. 

The event, themed “Plan Your Money, Plant Your Future,” was a collaborative effort with Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi and Financial Education Network (FEN) members.

CBM’s involvement in GMW2023 aligns with its expanding role in the Malaysian financial ecosystem. The event provided an opportunity for CBM to engage with the public, especially the younger generation, highlighting the importance of credit awareness and financial literacy.

During the event, CBM showcased its services, which are integral to understanding and managing personal credit health. This participation underscores CBM’s commitment to promoting financial literacy and its growing influence in shaping responsible credit practices in Malaysia.

As CBM continues to expand its services and outreach, its participation in events like GMW2023 signifies its dedication to being a part of Malaysia’s journey towards greater financial awareness and inclusivity.