Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) Shares Insights on Credit Reporting at Monash University Malaysia

Subang Jaya, March 18, 2024 – In a key educational initiative aimed at enhancing financial literacy, Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM), recently hosted a lecture at Monash University Malaysia. This initiative, focused on the intricacies of credit reporting for individuals and businesses, was facilitated by the insightful En. Azman Md Isa from CBM and coordinated through the efforts of Dr. Karren Khaw, who connected her students to this valuable learning opportunity.

During the lecture, En. Azman Md Isa discussed the role of credit reporting in shaping financial futures for both individuals and businesses. He highlighted the importance of understanding credit reports, the implications of credit scores, and how they influence lending decisions and financial planning. The session aimed to equip students with a robust understanding of how credit reporting functions and its significance in the financial ecosystem.

Dr. Karren Khaw, an esteemed lecturer at Monash University Malaysia, played a crucial role in bridging the gap between CBM’s industry knowledge and her students’ academic learning journey. Although not delivering the lecture herself, Dr. Khaw’s role was crucial in providing the students with a practical perspective on financial literacy, emphasizing the real-world applications of their academic studies.

By shining some light on the essentials of credit reporting for both individuals and businesses, CBM played its role in promoting responsible lending and borrowing practices. As the students left armed with newfound insights, CBM hopes that this initiative equipped the students with some tools to navigate the complexities of financial decision-making with greater confidence and understanding as they complete their studies and step out into the working environment.