Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) Provides Credit Reporting Insights At Larian Kewangan 2023


Kuala Lumpur, October 15, 2023Today, Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) was invited to be the sole participant from the regulator at the Larian Kewangan 2023, held at Dataran Wawasan, Putrajaya. This event, organized by Kelab Perbendaharaan Putrajaya, was part of the Hari Sukan Negara celebrations and saw participation from various agencies under the Ministry of Finance.

To help Improve Financial Inclusion and Promote Credit Positiveness, CBM had set up a dedicated booth to provide free credit reports and educate attendees on how to interpret them. The CBM team, equipped with expertise in credit reporting, provided personalized guidance to attendees. They demonstrated to the attendees on how to read and understand credit reports, highlighting the importance of maintaining a good credit score and how it impacts financial opportunities and decisions. This hands-on approach helped individuals grasp the concept of credit information and its implications in everyday financial activities.

CBM noted that while the vast majority of public understood the importance to conduct checking on their personal health, many knew little about their financial health. Through targeted approach, the myth to checking personal financial health is debunked.

The presence of CBM at the Larian Kewangan 2023 was a significant opportunity to engage directly with the public, providing valuable advice and knowledge on credit management.