MY E.G. and Credit Bureau Malaysia Team Up for Self-Check Credit Reports

MYEG provides new, convenient avenues for users to check credit reports with Credit Bureau Malaysia
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Petaling Jaya, 4 July 2024 – My E.G. Services Bhd (MYEG) has entered into a collaboration agreement with Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) to offer a self-check service for individual credit reports with CBM via CBM’s MySCoRE that will be made accessible through the MYEG portal.

In a statement, MYEG said this will be facilitated by integrating CBM’s MySCoRE on the MYEG portal, offering users an additional avenue to easily and conveniently access and review their credit reports and scores.

“With this collaboration, MYEG continues to expand its suite of digital services, providing users with consolidated access to important financial/credit information on one platform.

“Similar to MYEG’s existing service with CTOS, users can now easily obtain their MySCoRE credit reports through the MYEG portal.”

MYEG group managing director Wong Thean Soon said the group aims to continuously provide innovative and accessible digital services to Malaysians.

“By hosting CBM’s credit report/score services, we are enhancing the options available to our users, making it easier for them to access vital financial/credit information to make informed decisions and plan effectively.

Echoing this sentiment, CBM’s chief executive officer Leong Weng Choong said partnering with MYEG allows it to reach a broader audience and provide trusted credit report/ score services through a highly reputable platform.

“This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to enhance financial inclusion and promote credit positiveness for all Malaysians.”

Upon accessing their MySCoRE credit reports, users can gain a detailed overview of their financial standing including information such as their individual credit score, central credit reference information system information, trade credit reference, litigation information and more.

“Users can utilise this information to support loan applications, monitor credit health, plan finances, and secure better rental or job opportunities. It provides a comprehensive view of one’s financial standing, helping users make informed decisions and manage their finances effectively,” said MYEG.

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About Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CBM) is a credit reporting agency registered under the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 and regulated by the Registrar of Credit Reporting Agencies under the Ministry of Finance.

Since our inception in 2008, we remain steadfast to advancing financial literacy across Malaysia. Through a comprehensive range of products and services, including bespoke solutions tailored to individual and business needs, we continuously empower Malaysians to make more informed decisions in navigating their credit profiles.

For more information on Credit Bureau Malaysia, please visit Credit Bureau Malaysia’s website at  or follow Credit Bureau Malaysia on LinkedIn at

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