Celebrating Financial Literacy: Credit Bureau Malaysia at Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023

Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023
Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023

Kota Kinabalu, July 22, 2023 In a step towards enhancing cooperative movements and financial literacy, Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) participated in the Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023 in Sabah. 

The event, organized by Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi (KUSKOP) and Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM), offered CBM a platform to share credit awareness and financial knowledge with the public.

The event, drawing an audience of around 10,000 visitors, provided a space for CBM to engage with attendees, focusing on sharing insights about responsible credit management and financial planning. 

A key aspect of CBM’s presence was educating visitors at its booth on understanding MySCoRE reports, crucial for personal credit assessment. Through educational materials and interactive sessions, CBM worked to make credit information more approachable and understandable.

Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023-CBM-booth

The positive response from the attendees at CBM’s booth indicated a growing interest in financial literacy among Malaysians. This interaction showcased the increasing awareness and need for education in financial management and credit understanding.

CBM’s involvement in the Sambutan Hari Koperasi Negara 2023, facilitated by KUSKOP and SKM, reflects its role in the evolving financial landscape of Malaysia. 

This participation is part of CBM’s ongoing efforts to engage with diverse aspects of the country’s financial ecosystem, emphasizing its growing presence in promoting financial understanding and literacy.